IdeaText Joins ATA

ideatext joins american translators association

IdeaText Joins American Translators Association (ATA) to Further Strenghten its Ties With the United States

The United States has always been a focus market for IdeaText. Since the company’s starting steps, our first and valued client relationships were formed with clients from the largest cities in the US, such as New York, Chicago, Boston, Houston, and more. To further show our commitment to the market and its players, we are proud to announce that IdeaText joins American Translators Association!

What is American Translators Association?

The business world is based on networking and partnerships. One of the roles of an association is to provide opportunities for businesses of common interests to interact with each other, form relationships, as well as benefit from each other. Translation industry is no exception in that regard. The association describes itself as following: ATA is a professional association founded to advance the translation and interpreting professions and foster the professional development of individual translators and interpreters. Its over 10,000 members in more than 100 countries include translators, interpreters, teachers, project managers, web and software developers, language company owners, hospitals, universities, and government agencies.

Why is it important that IdeaText joins American Translators Association?

Reaching out and cementing our dedication to our clients goes hand-in-hand with our core values. IdeaText has always stated that it is a customer-first approach company. That means we prefer working on solving problems and offering solutions, rather than coming to a client with a solid and unchangeable framework of how we do things. IdeaText can prove to be a flexible partner and welcomes even the wildest of ideas. Joining ATA is just another step towards furthering this approach. Members of the association keep a certain level of standard in terms of communication, quality, and relationships. These values already come naturally to our company, so applying to join ATA just feels right!

What do we bring to the large family of ATA?

IdeaText joins American Translators Association not only to be a part of a directory but also to contribute to the industry. We plan to become active and contributing members of Nordic, Slavic, and Medical divisions of the ATA. Due to our specialties and primarily served language pairs, we have chosen to participate in these interest groups. The combination of Nordic and Slavic languages accompanied by expertise in medical and life science translation is considered to be our greatest asset, and we will be happy to share our insight and knowledge with anyone interested!

And again, we are very excited to join and be a part of a community of more than 10,000 members. We’ve taken this step not only for our clients but also for the resources and freelance teams we work with. With every chance we get, we try to assure ourselves to be a valued partner to our translators. Therefore, participation in association meetings gives us a chance to meet with our teams in person, discuss ideas, as well as ways of furthering our cooperation. So, look for us in the upcoming meetings, we are excited to meet you and, hopefully, we can have a chat sometime soon. Meanwhile, while we wait for the next meeting, you’re welcome to contact us to discuss things virtually.