Translation Social Media

translation social media

The year of 2018 has been a year of great growth not only for IdeaText as an individual company but for the whole translation industry as well. Massive mergers of industry’s top players, constant technological developments, and smart translation startups are just a few topics to keep track of in 2018. In order to follow all the news and be informed, we at IdeaText decided to round up the most useful resources of translation social media to follow in the upcoming year.

1. Slator – Language Industry Intelligence. A great platform to learn the latest news in the language industry. With blogs on the newest trends in translation, articles on technologies, and press releases on newest acquisitions, Slator is a good feed of information to keep yourself all-around up to date to what’s happening in the industry. They also keep their twitter and weekly e-mail digests short and simple, making it easy to follow. We highly recommend this resource.

2. Multilingual – Another great translation social media resource, offering both news section and a magazine on latest trends in the industry. Very much like Slator, this platform helps you keep up to date with the three main aspects of translation – language news, tech updates, and business trends. Make sure to check in regularly, as the platform is quite large and the news feed is pretty active, have to keep up to not miss anything!

3. Common Sense Advisory – To measure your company’s success, it’s important to know where your company stands as opposed to your competitors. Common Sense Advisory or CSA is a company that focuses on translation industry research and trends, helping other companies to adjust their goals and projections for the upcoming year. Every year CSA also releases a rundown of Top 100 companies and their turnover in the past year. With the big number of mergers in 2017, it’s going to be interesting how the industry picture will change in 2018.

4. GALA or Globalization and Localization Association is a useful resource to keep track of the industry’s largest conferences and meet-ups. GALA is a non-profit organization offering paid membership to be part of a large network of industry players, and chance to meet and network in different kinds of events, including the biggest event which is the Annual GALA Conference 2018, taking place in Boston on March 13-16.

5. Translators Anonymous – finally for some comic relief, Translators Anonymous is a Tumblr blog, presenting the daily struggles of translators, translation agencies and translation clients in a usually tragicomical manner. It’s just business, right? So let’s keep a healthy dose of humor in days when everything seems to fall apart.

We are certain that 2018 will bring even more changes to the industry than it already has. Drop us a line and let us know what translation social media resources you are most looking forward to in 2018.