About Us

The strength of a company is determined by its relationships. Relationships with clients, providers and between employees. Here at IdeaText, we put all these relationships at the frontier of what we do. Long-lasting relationships between all these chain links are a fundamental upon which a successful business is built and characterizes all about us and our values as a company.

about us

Creating friendly and professional relationships with our clients have proven to be a centerpiece of our business over the last years. We believe that business is done between people, rather than between mailboxes. We use every chance we get to go out and meet our clients, to establish a great communication from the get-go. Nowadays, it is very easy to lose faces when most business is done online, so let's not be strangers to each other!

A big part of IdeaText's mission is to create and nurture relationships with our providers and resource teams. Time has proven that long-lasting collaborations with our teams have created a mutually profitable duet, accompanied by a consistent level of quality that we can safely bring to our clients. Your love for work streams through to our clients that receive it, and we are always here to hear you out.

Last but definitely not least, is how bonds are created among our in-house employees. IdeaText strongly believes that happy employees bring so much more to the table. The added value of positivity and dedication is then relayed to our clients and our vendors. Starting with our project managers and all the way to our finance team, we are proud of each and every one of them, and we believe that they make each communication exchange a pleasure.

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