General Terms and Conditions



LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY IDEATEXT with its registered seat in Riga, address: Cesu iela 31, k-2, Riga, LV-1012, Latvia, registration number 40103990617.

1. General

(1) IDEATEXT cooperates with individuals and agencies within provision of translation services.

(2) This document defines the general terms and conditions applicable to any vendor registered with IDEATEXT.

(3) To be involved in any of IDEATEXT translation activities, vendor must be registered on IDEATEXTtranslation management platform XTRF either by completing the online application form or by being registered by one of IDEATEXT’s employees.

(4) Any personal information that the vendor submits through the registration form or registration process (CVs, contact information, certificates, samples, bank details including personal ID number and/or TAX number, etc.) will be stored digitally on IDEATEXT’s secure and encrypted servers and will be used for recruitment purposes and other employment-related purposes only (contacting linguists for projects, allocating linguists to projects, creating purchase orders, lodging invoices, etc.).

(5) By submitting information through the registration form or the registration process, the vendor agrees that IDEATEXT may use the information for recruitment and employment purposes. IDEATEXT confirms that vendor personal data will not be provided to any third parties without vendor’s prior written permission.

(6) Vendor's personal data will be kept for the period for which IDEATEXT will be using his/her services. IDEATEXT will review all vendor profiles once a year and erase personal information from all inactive accounts on XTRF. Vendor's personal data will also be kept where required by law or  in connection with  potential or actual legal action or an investigation involving IDEATEXT.

2. Registration/use of services/use of personal data

(1) With the application, the vendor agrees to the GTC valid at that Vendor can view the relevant GTC online before the registration and at any time thereafter and can store or print the agreement as required.

(2) With the application, vendor confirms that all his/her entered details are accurate, complete and truthful, and undertakes to keep the information provided up to If such information is found to be false, incorrect or out of date, IDEATEXT may block or discontinue the vendor’s access to the system at any time.

(3) During the registration, IDEATEXT shall verify the e-mail address provided by the vendor by sending a confirmation e-mail, the receipt of which the vendor shall confirm by clicking on a After a successful assessment of the vendor’s application, the vendor’s account will be activated and he/she will be able to use his/her personal profile.

(4) The vendor himself/herself is responsible for keeping his/her login data (login, password) Should an unauthorized third party gain knowledge of the translator's data, IDEATEXT must be notified immediately.

(5) The vendor has no entitlement to admission for the purpose of using IDEATEXT services. IDEATEXThas the right to change or even discontinue the operation of its services at any time.

3. Right to access, copy, correct, and erase personal data

(1) Should the vendor now or in the future wishes to access and/or correct his/her data, it should be done by logging into his/her own personal profile on XTRF or sending a request to

(2) Should the vendor now or in the future wishes to receive a copy of all his/her personal data processed by IDEATEXT, a request should be sent to

(3) Should the vendor now or in the future no longer wishes to give consent for IDEATEXT to process his/her data, a request should be sent to

4. Data backup

(1) IDEATEXT shall perform regular data backups for the data stored in the vendor's account. In the event of loss of data, IDEATEXT shall strive to rectify the loss of data immediately.

5. Amendments to the General Terms & Conditions

(1) IDEATEXT is entitled to make amendments or additions to its GTC at any time. The vendor shall be informed about any such changes in text form via e-mail and by the updated GTC being placed on IDEATEXT website. Unless the vendor objects within a period of 10 working days in text form, his/her conduct is considered to constitute approval of the new GTC.

6. Final provisions

(1) The laws of the Republic of Latvia apply.

(2) Place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship is Riga, Latvia.

(3) Any transfer of rights and responsibilities from the contractual relationship requires IDEATEXTapproval in text form to be valid.

(4) Should a provision of this agreement be or become ineffective in full or in part, this shall not affect the effectiveness of the remaining Instead, the ineffective provision shall be replaced by a replacement provision that corresponds to or at least approximates the purpose of the agreement that the parties would have made to achieve the same economic effect had they known of the ineffectiveness of the provision. The same applies accordingly to a gap in the provisions.