Nordic Translation

Nordic translation is among the top language segments that we currently service. Due to IdeaText's geographical location, located on the Southern border of Nordic countries, we have managed to find the perfect combination of price and performance for languages such as DanishSwedishNorwegianFinnish and Icelandic, as well as the Baltic region  languages - EstonianLatvianLithuanian and Russian. We take pride in having some of the top talent among translators, editors and reviewers working with us while remaining competitive in the price sector to service our clients’ needs.

Nordic translation

Nordic translation provided by IdeaText includes full procedure of translation by a native translator specializing in the corresponding field, editing by a qualified, native language editor, as well as an industry experienced proofreader to make sure that both linguistic and factual aspects of your translation are intact.

IdeaText's key specialization areas include finance, legal, automotive, life science and software industries. Our resources have been vetted and chosen to specifically service these industries, ensuring that we provide you with the necessary knowledge and insight when tackling more complex projects. In addition to specialized translators, we collaborate with industry experts and consult them on regular basis to make sure that the terminology is correct and nothing goes missing.

The use of technologies is a big part of IdeaText's success. Using an optimized combination of quality assurance, translation assistance and desktop publishing tools, we make sure that your translations are accurate, without human error and flexible to any updates down the road. All your translations are safely stored in our translation memories, eliminating the need to repeatedly pay for content that has already been translated. We strongly employ data protection to make sure our clients’ information and files are stored safely.

If you would like to learn more and receive a commitment free consultation on your Nordic translation choices, or receive a free quote, please let us know!