• Didzis Grauss

    Grown and shaped by the translation industry. With first steps taken as a translator and interpreter, moving to project management and translation company expansion operations, Didzis has been an integral part of every step of the translation company success story. With an emphasis on overseas sales, Didzis’s main goal is to put the IdeaText brand on the map as a solid translation industry player, respected by clients and linguists. Also, a huge lover of guitars, sometimes getting too carried away with collecting them, rather than actually playing them.


  • Ivars Lazdiņš

    A degree in German translation and interpreting combined with an MBA in business administration, Ivars has obtained a unique and desirable combination of skills specifically tailored to the translation management industry. With great success in Germany based sales, Ivars is a strong example of “measure twice, cut once” mentality. With experience of over 10 years in the industry, his extreme attention to detail is unparalleled. We have a great suspicion that “Marvel” might be Ivars’s official religion.


  • Anna Pelēkzirne

    Another child of the translation industry. Getting her first start as a vendor manager, Anna has vigorously chased her goal of becoming a marketing guru and social media expert for the translation industry. Anna has an amazing ability of creating stuff from thin air. We are not sure how she does it, but we do not question it. A huge lover of animals, owner of three dogs, Anna tries to spend every free moment she has escaping to locations that are much closer to the sun than Riga.


  • Elvita Pūķe-Barbier

    A perfect storm of energy and responsibility. With a university degree in translation and interpreting, Elvita was sure about having her own company from a very early age. This confidence is rooted in her passion towards the industry with over 10 years of experience in several management positions in different translation companies. Elvita’s strength lies in being a strong example to IdeaText’s employees, leading by example and making sure IdeaText is always at its best. Unusual traits for a complete punk rock fan and travel addict.


  • Līva Vītola

    IdeaText’s personal steam engine with planning and scheduling abilities second to no one. Liva has grown into the role of a Production Manager by setting an example with her hard work, planning capacities and immense attention to detail. With her fair share of blockbuster projects under her belt, we are proud to have such a leader in IdeaText’s project management team.


  • Beāte Aņiļonīte

    Beāte is a representation of calmness and precision. Coming from a bilingual family, Beate is fluent in English, Latvian and Lithuanian. She joined IdeaText after obtaining a degree in language theory and philology studies, and we appreciate her attention to detail and quality procedures that come with providing high quality translation services. After business hours, Beate is all about games – sports games, board games, computer games, so just bring it! We have a very powerful teammate on our side!


  • Maksims Petrovs-Kudlāns

    Max’s first steps in translation began by taking up translation studies in the university, where, in addition to Latvian, Russian and English, he established knowledge of Swedish as well. Maxim is a huge lover of everything nature-related. From fishing, walks in the forest and guitar evenings by the campfire, he is also capable of preparing an authentic black sauna. Even his tattoos have forests in them. Maxim has joined the Idea team with a serious multilingual and technical background, and we’re excited to have our personal sauna expert among our ranks! 


  • Jevgenijs Panaščiks

    Addition of Jevgenijs equals strengthening IdeaText’s production capacity with immense experience in automotive, technical and life science related services. With a university degree in translation and interpreting, Jevgenijs has accumulated hands-on experience managing high level accounts in his previous positions as a project manager in other localization companies. In addition to the capacity increase, we are welcoming our first singer to the team, as choir singing is one of his main hobbies. Also, we’re getting some much needed help with the plants in our office – Jevgenijs’s skills and knowledge of houseplants will sure come in handy!


  • Zane Reine

    Zane’s passion for languages started very early and she was convinced that she would study languages already in high-school. The plan became reality and Zane acquired her undergraduate degree in Latvian, English and Russian translation. Zane has found a perfect balance between high stress project management situations and letting it all go at the end of the day by doing yoga or just relaxing with a good movie or a TV show. IdeaText appreciates Zane’s excellent communication and technical skills, perfecting our team with another pair of good hands to our customer experience.


  • Arta Bārda

    Arta is another strong addition to our technical project management team. University degree in technical translation has given her a good kickoff for developing into talented project manager with a client-first approach. Arta is all about balance, that’s why she has compensated years of spending energy in folk dancing with baking the most delicious cakes. Everyone pretty much expects a cake from Arta at the slightest possibility of a celebration!

  • Paula Sondore

    With a very solid philology background, Paula maintains curiosity about languages and is currently well under way towards her master’s degree in humanities. She has managed to combine it with very efficient project management work here at IdeaText. We are not sure if there are more hours in her day than ours, but we don’t question it. She even manages to make her time-off efficient by reading and listening to podcasts, that is, after she’s caught up to all the latest superhero movies.


  • Kristaps Obodņikovs

    Kristaps is an old soul in a young body. Having acquired his university education in Sweden, Kristaps is a huge fan of all things old. From old movies and knight tales, to history itself. His pragmatic and balanced approach is much appreciated in his role as a finance assistant. In addition to that, Kristaps is extremely good at board games, chess in particular. Strategic thinking is something that comes in useful in all aspects of his life!


  • Olaf

    Olaf is a very important and welcome addition to IdeaText’s team. While not being too busy managing the company’s (or any other) branches, Olaf enjoys a stroll around the office premises, making sure all the flowers and plants are properly sniffed, and, of course providing the very important chewing of the squeaky toys. Feel free to reach out to Olaf for snack suggestions, stress relief and belly rubs.