Quality Policy

IdeaText is committed to providing the highest quality translation services to meet client requirements and working towards continual improvement of the processes and operations within our organization with the help of our valued employees and vendors and by respecting all binding regulations and requirements.

IdeaText is committed to achieving client satisfaction by the use of quality procedures which will be operated to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 17100.

We believe that quality should no longer be a selling point but rather a basic principle, a cornerstone of every project that we perform. The industries that IdeaText service, require us to be on our top performance levels consistently, without fail. Therefore, we’ve based our quality routine on three main pillars.

Error prevention

Vigorous resource testing and background checks allow IdeaText to significantly reduce potential discrepancies in our work. Having the right teams on the ground level ensure consistency, industry insight and linguistic acumen in every translation we produce. Our translation resources selection procedure ensures that we have an immediate access to pool of verified, experienced and technically capable resources. Vendor selection is an ongoing and constantly evolving process that we are obliged to implement to make sure our translations are done right from the get go.

Six-Eye Principle

A part of our commitment to quality is proper revision and checking of every word that we translate. Integral to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards that we have implemented, revision and quality control makes sure that our translations are polished, consistent and stylistically accurate. Revision is done by experienced industry experts, in their native language, adding the highest to our translations. Our quality procedure does not stop there. At the end of every translation product cycle, our work is verified by our inhouse staff that ensures that all the client requirements are met and no last-second errors remain. To learn more about our translation procedure, please click here.

QA and CAT tools

While we rely heavily on our translation and revision resources in our daily work, having the right technology goes a long way towards helping maintain the consistent level of quality. Every translator in our pool of resources work with translation memory software that ensures we remain consistent with existing material, as well as keep a close eye to terminology while we do so. Translation verification is then done by applying latest quality assurance software that eliminates even the slightest possibility of human error. If you wish to read more on the technology we implement, please click here.

We believe that in the ever evolving and competitive industry of today’s translation, quality measures have to be implemented in every aspect of the business. At IdeaText, we make sure that quality not only applies to translations but it exceeds, making sure our client service, business analysis and vendor relations all measure up to the highest standards of the industry.