Case Studies

Over the past few years, IdeaText’s efforts towards pushing and perfecting our services as a translation agency has resulted in a number of high-profile projects that we are happy to share with you. The variety of projects range from technically challenging execution to very tight schedules and examples of organizing our work.

This section is dedicated for case studies of projects that we consider to be interesting samples on how we tackle technical difficulties, develop workarounds, optimize workflows, provide consistency and schedule under time pressure.

Case studies are constantly updated as we overcome new challenges, so please feel free to check in regularly.

List of case studies:

  1. CASE STUDY 1.
    Last year we took part in a groundbreaking AI learning project, where texts translated by IdeaText translators were used by AI software to learn translation of colloquial phrases and.. Read More
    AI translation software training using IdeaText resources from Russian to English


  1. CASE STUDY 2.
    One of our larger projects of 2020 was undertaking localization of well-known auditing and accounting software into Finnish. The project consisted of many layers and presented a unique set of challenges that we would like to.. Read More 
    Massive software strings translation into Finnish