Translation Resources Selection

Picking the right people for the job is always a challenge. Regardless of the industry, the choice of the potential workforce can make or break a project. For that reason, we put a great deal of effort in translation resources selection. A careful and safe step by step evaluation procedure ensures that we bring the right translators, editors, proofreaders, subtitling specialists and DTP experts to the table when taking care of your translations. Please have a look below to learn more about how cooperation between IdeaText and its resources is formed:

Translation resources selection

  • References from our partners

Having a reference from one or more of our existing translation partners is probably the biggest deciding factor for our translation resources selection. Having one of our trusted, long-term partners to vouch for a new resource, speaks heaps about the potential quality, work ethic, and the relationship we can expect. When expanding a certain service segment we always start with suggestions from our closest teams. That does not mean that other safety procedures are automatically skipped, however.

  • Response time and unlinked feedback

If it is a fresh relationship, and we find a resource with no linked feedback to our own, the first thing we evaluate is general feedback from unlinked sources as well as the response time. A big portion of our clients rely on our work being done under tight deadlines and always on time, so even the initial correspondence speed between us and the potential new team member is of great importance. While keeping in mind that the trust goes both ways, we feel that quick correspondence and prioritized communication is a sign of respect and dedication to cooperate.

  • Test feedback and live training

Service testing and 'live' performance under the strict supervision of our trusted resources is an integral part of our translation resources selection. We pull no punches when it comes to evaluation of our new team members. Most of our work deals with high importance information, and impeccable quality is a standard, not an extra. Therefore, the testing process has to reflect that. Test translations are evaluated by both reviewers and industry experts to ensure that the quality standards are met.

  • Relationship between new and existing team members

During the initiation time, we also evaluate how the relationship is formed between our new team members and our existing teams. Working for IdeaText means to be kept in a high regard for your expertise, therefore it is important for us as a company, that you like working with us. We strongly believe that mutual respect and synergy provide a great deal in terms of the final product for our clients. Sometimes, however, relationships do not work out and that is fine. We will always make sure to remain on good terms, regardless of the outcome.

  • Client feedback as a part of translation resources selection

In accordance with our transparency policy, we always inform our clients when a new team member is brought in to work on their assignments. As a part of the adjustment period, we keep a close eye on the client feedback, to identify, if the style and manner of the work match up with our clients' expectations. If some adjustments are needed, that's fine. At this step, we are already confident in your expertise and will make sure to find a solution that satisfies all the involved parties.

At IdeaText, we not only value the quality of your work but also take relationships into great consideration. If the quality of your work is up to standard and we click well communication-wise, rest assured, that we will find a good match for you to fit in with our teams of highly skilled, passionate and driven professionals. Do not hesitate to send your resumes and motivation letters to our e-mail or use the contact form here. We cannot wait to hear from you!