Language Quality Assurance (LQA)

What is Language Quality Assurance and why is it good for you?

Language Quality Assurance (LQA)  is a complex of technically-aided procedures that ensure the consistency and correctness of a translation, prior to editing. LQA is not proofreading, but an additional powerful layer of quality assurance. LQA tools are used to identify terminology inconsistencies among the translated material and previous material that you already have in use. It will also catch out last minute bugs that the human eye might have missed.

language quality assurance (lqa)

IdeaText’s LQA process is:

  • State of the art — our LQA specialists use the latest language quality-control software and work in accordance with the latest quality standards. Your materials will be reviewed for translation correctness and consistency within one product or across multiple related products;
  • Cost effective — to reduce effort and save you time and money, LQA is usually performed on representative samples of the translation. The sample size usually ranges from 250 to 1000 words;
  • Designed to put you in charge — we will first identify errors and categorize them without editing the document, and then we will consult with you. This lets you control the level of translation service you receive;
  • Flexible and timely — our LQA service can handle tasks of any volume on short notice and assure timely deliveries.

Although no IT tool can substitute a qualified reviewer's work, LQA  is a great way for us to effectively create a list of potential issues that may come up. Once these are identified, our language quality professionals will flag them as real or false. Supplementing reviewer's work with the latest quality assurance technologies, has played a key role to increasing translation quality over the years.

Contact us and let us know your LQA needs. We will make sure to provide you with the best the industry has to offer.