Video Subtitling and Transcription Services

What about subtitling and transcription by IdeaText?

Give your videos worldwide appeal and accessibility with IdeaText’s subtitling and transcription services.

Video Subtitling and Transcription Services

Whether your videos are feature films, documentaries, online videos, training videos, or any other format, IdeaText can provide subtitling in the languages you need. Our subtitling is done in a very convenient format and can be easily adjusted afterwards. Subtitling and transcription can often turn out to be a very back and forth process between the translation company and video processing professionals. We will make sure to be flexible enough for you to reach the end result you desire.

Besides making your videos appealing and useful to speakers of other languages, subtitling also makes your videos more discoverable on the web, enhancing your SEO efforts. Transcribed videos will serve as a welcomed step towards your potential clientele in your targeted countries.

Very often our clients require a written version of interviews, speeches, seminars or other spoken interactions. We are well equipped to take these audio materials and process them into a coherent, easy readable and optimized text version. Our video transcription services will provide the formatting, layout and style needed, depending on what your transcripts are being used for. The finalized transcript will include time stamps, speaker names, as well as short descriptions of intonation to better transfer the non-written information from the audio file to the transcribed text.

We are well equipped to process both video and audio files of varying quality. In cases of bad audio quality, we will make sure that the audio is enhanced and optimized to work with. It will then be forwarded to native language transcription professionals with a trained ear to make the best of the particular case.

Contact us and let us know your subtitling needs. We will make sure to provide you with the best the industry has to offer.