IdeaText’s quality assurance is grounded in the fact that we do not try to be or claim to be good at everything. To specialize in everything is to specialize in nothing. The people and resources employed by IdeaText have been carefully selected and tailored to optimize our service in a number of translation specialties:

Translation Specialties

Translation requirements in these translation specialties are defined by the seemingly impossible combination of time, price and quality. The translations always have to meet the ever improving quality standards of the particular industry, and they have to be on time, every time. The combination of the two usually skyrockets the price of the translation by a great deal. A long term collaboration with our current resources have helped us to create industry specific translation teams that utilize state of the art translation tools. This trust-based combination has helped us to provide translations at a very competitive price while maintaining the above mentioned requirements of quality and timely turnaround.

Having accumulated resources all around the world has helped us to offer a very specific and pleasant level of service to our overseas customers. Their orders are placed and executed during their off hours, meaning that if an order is placed at the end of their business day, the translation will be processed and delivered overnight and on their desks the next morning. This is very essential to finance related translations for example, where a quick turnaround can very often help our clients to save money and make time-sensitive decisions.

We understand the precision, adherence to deadlines and risk management requirements of industry-specific translations. We also have the robust resources and a global support network necessary to ensure that your translations are technically precise while also culturally sensitive and relevant.

We are at your disposal as soon as you let us know.