Legal Translations

Our commitment to top-quality legal translation comes from knowing how important every detail in legal documents is. Our linguist recruitment and testing, our proprietary project-management technology, our quality-assurance protocols and translation workflow process — everything at IdeaText supports the exacting needs of legal translations.

Legal translations

In addition to in-depth expertise of legal translations from our resource teams, we also employ a wide pool of industry experts that are invited to work on specific and highly complex legal translation work. While translation teams usually are enough to tackle most of the assignments sent our way, the legal industry constantly changes and evolves. In cases like these industry experts and their knowledge of the latest topics can be the deciding point on whether the translation is accurate or falls short.

We handle any type of legal document from contracts to witness statements. We also provide interpreters for client meetings, prison visits and court hearings.

We provide certified translations for the following documents:

  • Adoption certificates
  • Attestations
  • Birth certificates
  • Business documents
  • Contracts of all kinds
  • Credentials of any kind
  • Death certificates
  • Declarations and testimonials
  • Diplomas
  • Divorce decrees
  • Extracts from the register of commerce
  • Financial reports
  • Insurance certificates
  • Licenses
  • Marriage certificates

We work with expert legal translators in all time zones and have global production facilities performing essential quality assurance around the clock, including editing, proofreading and glossary and translation memory alignment. Having resources all around the world helps us to offer very specific and pleasant customer service. Orders are placed and executed during off hours, meaning that if an order is placed at the end of the business day, the translation will be processed and delivered overnight and be on our customers’ desks the next morning. This is very important for legal translations orders for example, where a quick turnaround can very often help our clients make time-sensitive decisions.

This allows us to begin working on your documents as soon as we receive them and to assign your translation to the best possible linguist. So wait no longer and contact us now!