Software Translations

Software translations to meet your desired markets in no time

You have got a great software. You have got good online and offline support files. Now, how to get more people to flock to your product? Let us help you by translating your software and help files to make your product or service user-friendly to customers of all languages. Our linguistically specialized software translations experts provide top quality, user-friendly IT translations tailored to local markets and specific audiences. And if that is not enough, we always consult the industry experts available to us to do the final sign-off.

Software translations

With the current state of electronic communication and business moving to almost exclusively online platforms, software development has never been a better business choice. Starting from basic application to a multi level website, by making a move towards online content, you are one step closer to meeting your clients who are literally at your fingertips. But that is not the end of it. More and more studies show that your product is much more likely to sell if you address your clients in their native language.

Technical knowledge and specialized subject-matter expertise are a requirement for any IT and software translations. That is why we consider proper translator selection the most critical quality assurance step of any software and IT translation. We choose translators knowledgeable and experienced in the following:

  • Safety documentation
  • Software GUIs
  • Product manuals
  • RC files
  • Configuration guides
  • Diagrams
  • E-learning
  • Help documentation
  • Research documentation
  • Technical support documentation
  • User guides
  • Software strings
  • Operator manuals
  • Reference guides
  • Whitepapers
  • XML formatted content
  • Installer guides
  • Website content
  • Online help

Our translators have the linguistic, local market and technical knowledge needed to support your expansion on the international market.

Wait no longer and let us know your needs, we will be happy to help at once!