Technical Translations

Technical translations at IdeaText is performed by industry professionals without compromising quality

Technical translations is a very large industry and can often cover a very wide range of industry-specific sub-genres. Content can range from household electronics translations, micro hardware electronics translations, all the way up to heavy machinery manual translations and even space technology related translations. However, there are specifics that remain unchanged and here at IdeaText we put these specifics at the top of our priority list.

Technical translations

Technical translations with full DTP and industry professional review

More than any other industry-specific texts, technical translations often require more than just translation and editing. Depending on the environment where the content is coming from, there are additional technical requirements for the translation to meet the requirements similar to the source text:

  • Proper export of software strings

Although this might be related to the field of software translations, translating user interface (UI) and software information is a challenge also in the field of technical devices of every scope. Having the right tools and expertise to handle various kinds of exported text formats is very important for a smooth localization process.

  • DTP and file preparation

A large portion of technical translations deals with device manuals and technical documentation. In order for these documents to be understandable and comprehensible to your target audiencegraphics and layout are absolutely essential. IdeaText employs a team of competent and experienced layout specialists to make sure the localized product looks identical in any language and remains consistent with the visuals of the source material.

  • Industry-specific review

While all translations undergo a thorough quality assurance process, technical translations always require the attention of an industry-specific reviewer. IdeaText relies on mechanical engineers, electricians, heavy machinery operators, and other specialists to make sure our translations never go unchecked. Having such a heavy base of industry experts, ensures our translations to not only be correct but also natural for the target audience.

Sub-industries covered by technical translations at IdeaText

IdeaText covers a wide range of technical-related translations. Below are some of the examples that we service:

  • Automotive translations
  • Mechanical engineering translations
  • Safety Data Sheet translations
  • Patent translations
  • Software and Hardware translations
  • Transportation and logistics translations
  • Chemical engineering translations
  • Telecommunications translations
  • Electronics translations
  • Energy industry translations
  • Medical technology translations

Quality assurance for technical translations

Similar to other industry translations, IdeaText treats technical translations with the highest attention to quality and consistency. With the help of our language professional, industry-specific reviewers and multi-stage quality assurance tools, it is safe to say that we have minimalized our margin of error to the smallest possible extent. Please feel free to review our translation procedure QA processes and tools that we employ to ensure the quality of our translations.

Technical translations in more than 50 languages

English to Swedish technical translations Swedish to English technical translations
English to Finnish technical translations Finnish to English technical translations
English to Norwegian technical translations Norwegian to English technical translations
English to Danish technical translations Danish to English technical translations
English to German technical translations German to English technical translations
English to French technical translations French to English technical translations
English to Spanish technical translations Spanish to English technical translation
English to Russian technical translations Russian to English technical translations
English to Polish technical translations Polish to English technical translations


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