Translation Technologies and Computer Aided Translation

IdeaText uses a wide range of translation technologies and optimization tools to ensure consistency, precision and budget efficiency for all projects. You will have access to custom-made translation memories that result in consistent translations and budget savings. Your personalized translation memory will be updated with each and every project you work on with us, increasing the saving margin by a significant amount over time. Every translated document will be safely stored on our servers, allowing us to compare forthcoming documents of similar content against the existing translation memory content and saving you both time and money.

translation technologies

We make no compromises when it comes to quality. Each and every translation undergoes a multi-step quality assurance process consisting of both human work and machine assistance. Even though our skilled editors and reviewers have the final say before we deliver the text to you, a big portion of consistency, terminology and language checks is done using machine-assisted tools to eliminate human error. Combined efforts of a qualified editor and state of the art translation software ensure the utmost care of the text you entrust to IdeaText.

This procedure guarantees the absolute highest quality in every translation done by IdeaText.

IdeaText uses four categories of translation technologies. Please click on the subcategories to learn more about the ways we combine and implement state of the art translation assistance tools in our daily work:

Please consider contacting us in cases of poor previous translation experience or any other translation needs. The tools at our disposal allow us to improve a previously done translation of poor quality or recreate it in full with a limited budget. Our resources will be at your disposal as soon as you let us know.