CAT Tools

Computer Aided Translation and CAT Tools: how they work?

Translation memory (TM) programs are the centerpiece of our CAT tools.

cat tools

CAT tools create a database of the source texts that you previously gave us to translate and their resulting target texts.

As our translator works through a new document from you, the CAT tool looks at each segment of text (a heading, a title, a clause, a paragraph, and so on) and sees if there is a previous translation of that segment in the database.

If there is, the program prompts the translator to re-use the same translation, ensuring consistency. If there is not, the translator writes a new translation for the segment, and the program stores the new translation.

Over time, the program stores more and more of the unique terminology and language of your projects increasing the possibility of you saving time and money on other projects of similar nature.

How they benefit you:

  • Speed — the use of CAT tools such as TM significantly increases translation pace, allowing us to return the job to you on average 40% faster;
  • Consistency — CAT tools guarantee a very high level of consistency, one that a human mind simply cannot achieve;
  • Cost savings — CAT tools bring down prices for consecutive translations. The more translations you order from us, the bigger the chance these tools will save you money by re-using segments from your previous translations.

Help us help you – by delivering quicker, more consistent and budget-friendlier translations.

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