DTP Tools

Desktop Publishing (DTP) and how it works?

Desktop publishing is the last step in our translation service. Our formatting software allows us to lay out, format, and add images to your text. The result is comparable to traditional typography and printing. With DTP software, IdeaText not only translates your text, but takes care of the visual side of the task as well. Our experienced formatting specialists can provide a finished document with maximum visual resemblance to your source text.

dtp tools

Quite often formatting is required before the actual translation procedure. In order to better utilize the previously discussed CAT tools, the text needs to be prepared in a way to optimize the use of translation memories. We then create a draft version of the text, eliminating any formatting, numbering, links, etc., to remove any formatting distractions for the TM. The text is then translated and formatting applied afterwards based on the original layout.

IdeaText's trusted formatting specialists are ready to tackle any kinds of formats. Our desktop publishing teams work with a wide range of formatting and publishing tools, such as:

  • Adobe InDesign;
  • Adobe Photoshop;
  • Corel Draw;
  • Microsoft Publisher;
  • QuarkXPress, and many more.

How this benefits you:

Whether your source text is a menu, a magazine, or a book, you will get a ready-to-use, visually finished translation from IdeaText without the expense of going to a separate desktop publisher to fix the material to be printed.

If you are interested in other technologies we employ in our daily work, please have a look at LQA ToolsCAT tools, or Localization tools sections on the left side.

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