Localization Tools

Localization tools and how they work?

IdeaText uses software localization tools to ease the technical aspects of localizing your software or website for different markets. These tools allow our translators to display the dialogue boxes, menus and forms where strings of words would appear. The biggest issue of localization very often is text expansion. Your source language is very likely to expand if you translate it from English into German for example. Localization tools help the translator to quickly adjust the dialogue boxes, menus or forms to fit the translated strings without involving the technical team to fix something on the go.

Localization tools

Very much like where CAT tools deal with the language aspects of translation, localization tools are responsible for keeping the different international standards in check when taking care of more technically complex translations. Localization tools help our translation teams to avoid disrupting the programming code or any other technical nuances that would affect the functionality of the software or application subject to localization.

How they benefit you:

  • Speed — software localization tools speed up the technical side of the localization process, allowing you to get your product localized sooner;
  • Quality — by easing technical tasks, these tools allow our translators to concentrate on translating and localizing your content. That means a superbly adapted product for you;
  • Consistency and correctness — our software localization tools interface with our translation memory and quality assurance tools. This eliminates errors and ensures consistency across your related products.

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